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Bunzl first entered the UK healthcare market in 2000 and has continued to grow ever since.

Meeting the challenge of the UK healthcare market

Bunzl first entered the UK healthcare market in 2000 when it acquired Shermond and its Premier brand. In 2006 Bunzl extended its healthcare portfolio with the acquisition of Southern Syringe Services (SSS) and its sister company Universal Hospital Supplies. In 2007, Care Shop became the latest addition to the group, which broadened Bunzl’s presence in the UK healthcare market and started to bring together the companies that would eventually form Bunzl Healthcare.

Southern Syringe Services

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Southern Syringe Services (SSS) (Now Bunzl Healthcare) was one of the UK’s largest distributors of leading brand and own brand medical consumables into the healthcare and specialist markets. It offered a range of supply chain solutions, to satisfy every customer demand.

SSS distributed Consumable healthcare products to hospitals, healthcare redistributors, dentists and vets, to name but a few. Its six warehouses were spread across the UK to allow flexibility and responsiveness to every customer.


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Shermond sources and sells its Premier brand, along with the Universal and Healthgard ranges, into the healthcare markets of Great Britain. The wide range of medical consumable products include examination gloves, swabs, procedure packs and the Universal branded tubing range. The sales team has an in-depth knowledge of all of the product range and with the Premier brand renowned for its quality across the markets, Shermond is a key partner for all healthcare providers.

Care Shop

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Care Shop is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of consumables and equipment to the care home market. National sales and customer service teams provide dedicated support to all its customers, and Care Shop’s website provides immediate product information support, together with an easy-to-use, online purchasing system. Care Shop is represented throughout the UK to allow immediate response to customers.

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