European Guidelines: Needlestick Directive

Sharps Safety

This EU Directive (2010/32/EU) on the prevention of sharps injuries will come into force in May 2013 and will require all healthcare organisations to introduce measures to prevent needlestick injuries to their staff, as well as reduce the incidence and prevalence of occupational injuries to NHS staff every year.

This page will give you important information about how the Directive may affect you and steps that you can take in order to comply, as well as details on our comprehensive range of safety devices.

Click here to download our Selection Guide to Safety Engineered Devices.

Choosing Safety Engineered Devices

Bunzl Healthcare is working closely with suppliers to provide a range of safety engineered mechanisms designed to protect the healthcare worker and comply with this directive.

For guidance on the different types of safety engineered devices that are available and help in choosing the correct device for your purposes, please see the section on Useful Information.

Our Range of Safety Products

We provide a comprehensive range of safety engineered devices from leading suppliers including syringes, needles, blood collection products, and a wide choice of associated products.

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Images of safety engineered devices adapted from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration hazards/sharps. These drawings are presented for educational purposes and do not imply endorsement of a particular product.

Let Bunzl Healthcare Help You


Let us help you to identify a suitable range of products for your requirements and guide you on the different product categories targeted by the Directive, including:

  • Safety needles / syringes
  • Sharps for theatre
  • Scalpels & Blades
  • Needles

We can show you a range of branded options available in each product category, covering all budget requirements and highlight the features, benefits and innovation of an alternate product, as well as any saving opportunities.


To help enhance your product range and create added value.

Account Managers
To help you identify savings opportunities.

Suppliers Support
To advise you and aid with implementation.

Customer Service
Dedicated teams to provide a rapid response to your queries.


  • Bunzl Healthcare offer a dedicated end to end Supply Chain Service that meets the logistics and procurement needs of every customer.
  • We are committed to high standards of health and safety that protects our employees and yours.
  • We are ISO 13485:2003 certified - Medical devices - Quality management systems - Requirements for regulatory purposes.

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