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HSE Guidance - The Sharps Regulations. Effective safe management of sharps across all sectors flows from existing health and safety legislation. In particular, the needs to assess the risks, provide appropriate information and training and consult with employees. These regulations build on the existing law and provide specific detail on requirements that must be taken by healthcare employers and contractors. (Ref: Health and Safety Executive>Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013 >Guidance for employers and employees>HSE Information Sheet/Health Services Information Sheet 7)  

HSE Research - An evaluation of the efficacy of safer sharps devices: Systematic review[4]. Sharps-related injuries carry the risk of serious blood borne infection. A systematic review was undertaken to consider the evidence related to safer sharps devices and their impact on needlestick injury reduction within the healthcare sector.

The Safer Needles Network and the Partnership for Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare (POSHH) have agreed advice for the NHS on preparing for implementation of the sharps Directive. The advice is intended to help employers in ensuring that they are ready and compliant once UK legislation is passed. It provides guidance n the practical implementation of the Directive and should be read in conjunction with relevant national legislation and guidance.

The Royal College of Nursing has published guidance on the prevention of sharps injuries. The publication, Sharps Safety, covers the law on sharps injuries, including the European Directive and its underlying principles, as well as its requirements on health care providers.

The European Biosafety Network was established following the adoption of the new European Directive on Sharps Injuries to improve the safety of patients and healthcare and non-healthcare workers. The Network has published guidance that provides a practical toolkit to aid in the implementation of the Directive on the prevention of sharps injuries in the hospital and healthcare sector.





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